Digital Product Innovation Program

Transform your unique knowledge into a scalable, profitable digital product.

If you're like most of our clients, you have valuable expertise shaped and proven over years of consulting, speaking, and growth. But the value of your expertise is strictly limited by time: you and your team only have so much of it.

The Digital Product Innovation Program is a 12-month journey that combines behavioral research, business strategy, design, and digital product development to transform your expertise into a unique digital product that will fuel your growth.

“The initial product was much more sophisticated than we expected. Our executive team and board were highly impressed.”

Kathrin Munz
Head of Products & Services

"One of their strengths is their product discovery and design approach. Many shops will make something beautiful and miss the beat of the market analysis, so that approach is critical to us."

Greg Healy
Head of Product

“Working with Highland has elevated our creative process, pushing us in a more strategic direction. Compared to similar platforms on the market, Highland built a fast, competitive version that will give us an upper hand.”

Janet Traphagen

“With Highland, be willing to think big. It is going to change the outcome of your product. You might have to spend a little bit more, but what you get will be enduring.”

Greg Kozak

How it works

In the first two months of the program, we create the strategic target for your product through a combination of rigorous research, market scanning, market sizing, and value prop creation. In months 3-12 we engage in an integrated process of digital prototyping, designing, and software development--all with constant feedback loops--in order to build and launch a compelling product.

By the end of our first 12 months together you’ll have a product in-market, a go-to-market strategy in action, and confidence in your ability to scale and grow. Most firms choose to continue working with us after our first 12 months, and we custom build those programs for ongoing product development lifecycle and scale.

Program elements

Integrated teams deliver

Launching a successful digital product requires so much more than writing code. We create digital products that deliver customer value using an integrated approach with multi-disciplinary teams.

Research & Insights

Uncover specific market opportunities through behavioral research and synthesis


Craft product and go-to-market strategies that unlock opportunities for growth


Rapidly design and iterate on solutions that delight users


Build quality software that ensures sustained innovation

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Blue Cross Kansas City
Children's Hospital of Wisconsin
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