Service Design is an approach to creating intentional, holistic, end-to-end interactions between customers, users, and the employees that deliver the service. A positive service experience happens when your organization, or back of house, is orchestrated to create meaningful front-of-house customer experiences. Bringing together thoughtful and consistent interactions across numerous touchpoints is the central goal of Service Design.

Service design is important for any kind of organization, but is especially crucial for those who provide ongoing and complex services, such as healthcare, financial services, business services, and the public sector.

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Service Design Outcomes and Impact

Uncover Your Service Ecosystem

As a service provider, understanding the distinct mindsets, archetypes, or personas of your target customers and users is at the heart of serving a customer journey in the right way to meet their needs. Using service design thinking, Highland can help you:

  • Conduct design research that captures a picture of your current service ecosystem
  • Understand unique front-of-house customer needs as well as back-of-house employee needs
  • Create customer journey maps that capture the entire lifecycle of your customer experience (CX)
  • Generate principles and directives that ground the service and support the creation of shared behaviors for improved customer satisfaction

Implement Impactful Experiences

Thoughtful service design ultimately leads to innovation within an organization, thereby creating an impact on the customer as well as alignment for employees who deliver them. Through service design implementation, you have the ability to:

  • Create better touchpoints, interactions, and UX design that result in more personalization, loyalty and long-term value for customers
  • Use findings from research and service design to improve or transform in-house employee experience and brand identity
  • Establish key metrics to ensure that front-of-house, or front stage experience and back-of-house operations align with customer and stakeholder expectations

Working With a Service Design Agency

Through our multi-channel experience research methodologies and service design processes, Highland can help your organization bring clarity, shape, and structure to new or existing service models in order to deliver more innovative, engaging, and useful services to your customers.

Design Meaningful Services

By leveraging service principles in service design and user experience design, organizations can improve their customer experience or even create new services. We assemble a cross-functional design team — including key members of your service staff — and use an iterative approach to incorporate as many perspectives as possible.

  • Design key service touchpoints & interactions across the customer journey that improve experiences for your customers/users and helps align employees to shared service goals
  • Iteratively prototype and test improved workflows across front-of-house and back-of-house, including processes, technology and digital products
  • Create a service blueprint to align and inform your operations, service delivery, and even you business model

As always, our methods are emphatically human-centered. We identify and map the people, processes and digital products that have to be orchestrated to deliver the experience, quality of service and value that your customers expect. Along the way, we identify pain points to be avoided, key moments where the service can be differentiates, integration points that enable scale, and metrics for measuring how the service is ultimately delivered.

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