Digital Product Development

Design, build & scale a product that engages your customers at launch, using an integrated product development process.

Integrated Product Development

You need to develop a digital product that customers will buy and use, unlocking a new revenue stream and scaling beyond person-intensive services models. Getting to that point requires making countless decisions about features, usefulness, value, timing, and cost. You don’t have to make those decisions in the dark.

Highland's digital product design and development team will work together with you from concept to launch, bringing together experts in digital product strategy, research, design, and development into a single, powerful team.

Aligned With Reality

We gather feedback early and often during product development, launching your product more quickly and with greater certainty of success.

We don't propose designs that can't be optimally built, or build interfaces that don't deliver on user needs. Constant customer feedback and insight enables focus and consensus, allowing us to build only what is truly needed.

We ship an MVP weeks or months earlier than the typical process, allowing your product to launch as quickly as possible, and saving investment for ongoing iteration and scale in market.

This integrated product development approach gives you:

  • A digital product buyers and users value, unlocking scalable revenue
  • A faster time-to-market than other approaches, resulting in reduced overall cost
  • Reduced risk of product failure

“We wouldn’t be achieving our goals without Highland. We worked with an incredibly high-caliber team.”

Jill Cole
Director of Membership

“The initial product was much more sophisticated than we expected. Our executive team and board were highly impressed.”

Kathrin Munz
Head of Products & Services

“Working with Highland has elevated our creative process, pushing us in a more strategic direction. Compared to similar platforms on the market, Highland built a fast, competitive version that will give us an upper hand.”

Janet Traphagen

Product Performance Measurement

Once your digital product is launched and operating in the market, you need to know how it’s performing. A data-driven approach is crucial for product growth and success.

From the very beginning, you need to know what to measure, why to measure, how to measure it, and how to respond.

A Product Strategist will work with you to define the best leading and lagging measurements for customer acquisition, product engagement, revenue, and more. Our measurements are a combination of product best practices and measures specific to your unique business and product.

Your unique version of Highland’s product performance scorecard, combined with regular analysis and recommendations from a Product Strategist, provides you with ongoing insight into critical product, customer, and business metrics.

Iteration, Optimization, and Scale

Digital products are never finished, and they don’t stand still. Your digital product must be in a state of continuous improvement to be successful.

You need to constantly learn about your product and then refine, scale, optimize and review everything as you go forward. Digital products that lack ongoing attention, research, and iteration have a hard time achieving results.

Highland partners with many of our clients post-launch to give their digital products the best chance for long-term success. For some clients we partner as their long-term digital product agency, evolving the product while they focus on growing and supporting the business. For others we create a blended team with their employees as they begin to hire and grow an in-house product team.

We also work with clients who own digital products we didn't launch together that need a renewed focus on technical health, user-centricity, and product growth.

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