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Launching an integrated spending and money management app for young adults

Helping credit unions compete for customers into the world of mobile payments and apps

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Fulfill, backed by Thrivent Credit Union, wanted to reach younger customers with an integrated spending and money management app.


A no-nonsense banking app for young adults.


67% of users report that using Fulfill had improved their finances and sense of financial well-being.

Fulfill is a startup banking company backed by Thrivent Financial Credit Union. Fulfill reached out to Highland, seeking out our expertise in digital customer experience for financial services companies.

Using a small, multi-disciplinary team of developers, designers, researchers, and strategists, we designed, built, piloted and launched a no-nonsense banking app designed to increase the financial wellbeing of young adults.

Through the early stages of product development and multiple rounds of pilot tests and feedback, 67% of users reported that using Fulfill had improved their financial landscape and sense of financial well-being.

“I feel like I have more control over my finances than I had before. I feel some peace, just from using the app.” - Kirsten, Fulfill User

Making money management easy

Most money management tools are way too complicated. They fail to deliver a simple answer to a critical question: can I truly afford this purchase?

Fulfill wanted to change that.

Designing a method for healthy money habits

In designing Fulfill, we wanted to build an app that didn't just make banking easy. We also wanted to establish life-long, healthy money management habits.

Creating categories of Committed and Spendable emerged as an onboarding tool that helped users understand how much money they truly had available. Committed expenses included Giving, Saving, Debt, Bills. Anything left over was Spendable.

This methodology allowed users to have a clear understanding of their finances, allowing them to confidently live within their means.

Connecting the app to a branded debit card for a cohesive and simple experience

We helped Fulfill design and launch a branded debit card in parallel with the app, supported by a native integration between the Fulfill banking product and the application for real-time notifications, balances, and money habit feedback.

A 90-day pilot to prove Fulfill works

To measure the success of Fulfill, we set out to pilot the app over a three-month period. The pilot launched with a learning session about the Fulfill method, and enrollment in a 90 day study on the use and effectiveness of the app and method. Participants focused on the major financial decisions we make throughout the course of our lives that define how we value money.

We found that the Committed and Spendable framework helped users — some for the first time ever — to understand their own money story, which decreased stress and enabled them to more easily plan and reach for their money goals.

Launching a new kind of money management app

Fulfills bright and simple design, combined with an integrated banking solution and a strong point of view about wise money management habits, made it stand out as a simple, helpful alternative to complex solutions. But user testimonials say it best: Fulfill can improve money habits and improve lives.

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