Spark New Growth

Gain new customers, expand your offerings, and compete in new ways.
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Gaining new customers, whether in your current or a new one, begins with naming the need that's usually hidden in plain sight—visible only in human behavior.

We use behavioral research to uncover needs while also creating an objective view of the market opportunity and competitive landscape to set direction for strategy, growth, and impact.

Uncover Customer Needs

Identify needs your customers don't know they have and explore new ways to address them.

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Customer Research & Insights
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Uncover the motivations, behaviors, and unmet needs of your customers to identify new opportunities for your business.
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Co-creation Research
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Generate & shape ideas directly with users to unlock breakthrough solutions tailored to their needs
Jobs to be Done Research
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Uncover the dynamics of customer needs and purchasing decisions to enable highly targeted solutions
Opportunity Framework Mapping
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Identify and model growth opportunities for strategic advantage
Quantitative Studies
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Leverage statistically significant data to boost confidence and drive business decisions
Journey Mapping
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Visualize end-to-end customer journeys for enhanced experiences and new opportunities to engage

Capture New Opportunity

Explore opportunities for growth building on your unique capabilities and market position.

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Innovation Strategy
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Seize your next big opportunity with strategies for disruption & growth
Competitive Analysis
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Gain insights for a strategic edge over competitors
Business Case Creation
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Build compelling cases for strategic business decisions
Market Definition & Sizing
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Quantify markets for strategic business planning and better understanding of growth potential
Market Research
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Gather insights for informed market strategies with methods beyond the norm
Value Proposition Design
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Craft compelling propositions that appeal to markets and address customer needs

Get Aligned, Set Direction

Catalyze action through a holistic business, service, or product strategy.

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Rapid Prototyping
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Quickly turn ideas into testable prototypes to accelerate learning, build confidence, and ship faster
Ecosystem Mapping
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Map the value between products, services and org functions for strategic business insights
Business Strategy
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Craft strategic pathways for business growth and innovation
Design Sprints
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Accelerate innovation with proven, rapid, and collaborative design methodologies
Business Model Design
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Design innovative models for sustainable business success
Service Mapping
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Chart the shape of service touchpoints for optimal customer experiences

Get Started with a Better Understanding of Your Customers

Journey Mapping is a powerful way to rapidly gain a holistic view of your existing and potential customers' needs and jobs in the context of their daily lives, and generates new opportunities to deliver your products & services to them.
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