Opportunity Exploration

Gain a deep understanding of your future customers and the market opportunity, using cutting edge behavioral research.

You have an idea for a new digital product. You've had it for years. But you're not sure if it's the right move. Will people buy it? Is it different enough?

Is it worth the investment?

Get the clarity and insight you need to make the right decision on if and how to bring your product idea to life.

Customer Research & Insights

Most digital products fail because they target a need that isn't important enough. Successful products begin with a clear and impartial window into your target customers' real-life needs, behavior, and mindset.

We use behavior-based, ethnographic research to define your future customers' needs and focus your future product. Research insights include:

  • Target customer behavior
  • Prioritized user needs
  • Unmet or under-met needs
  • What customers would value in a future product
  • Insights about their real-world context for using a future product

"One of their strengths is their product discovery and design approach. Many shops will make something beautiful and miss the beat of the market analysis, so that approach is critical to us."

Greg Healy
Head of Product

Market Definition

Every digital product faces incumbent competitors and DIY alternatives. We define markets using a proprietary Opportunity Framework that creates an objective view of the market opportunity and competitive landscape for your product, including:

  • Value propositions aligned to unmet needs
  • Key differentiation principles
  • Market size and obtainable customer base
  • Existing solutions from direct and indirect competitors

Opportunity Sizing

Knowing what your customers need is crucial, but having a clear lay of the land is also vital before creating a new digital product. What are the challenges and opportunities for your product? Where should your product focus to be most valuable and differentiated? How might it stack up against direct and indirect competitors? What size is the market and what kind of revenue and ROI could be achievable?

Before we start building anything, Highland develops a detailed opportunity framework that crystallizes your digital product opportunity, including:

  • Key differentiation principles aligned to unmet needs
  • Draft value propositions
  • Market Size and obtainable customer base
  • Initial estimates of achievable revenue and ROI
  • Existing solutions from direct and indirect competitors
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