Innovation is essential to your business strategy, sustainability, and new growth in the ever-evolving digital ecosystem.

Gaining and maintaining a competitive advantage requires a thoughtful innovation strategy, along with the capabilities to engage future customers, reduce risk, leverage new technologies, and make impactful change.

Unlike traditional growth strategy firms or strategy consultancies, we don’t just crunch the numbers. We help craft a holistic innovation strategy that supports your overall business strategy while also grounding your innovation process in the realities of user value and design capabilities.

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Structuring The Innovation Journey

Whether it’s creating new products and services, reaching new markets, or building new business models, Highland helps you implement strategic planning and sets you up for reliable success.

  • Move from insights to ideas and value offers: Our team of innovation experts translate research findings and behavioral insights into tangible opportunities and value propositions for your target audience. Helping discover and define the offer to your users—whether through your product, service, or experience—is the guiding force behind an innovation strategy.
  • Build a coherent business case around new opportunities: Our methodology delivers a holistic and rational business model based on opportunities that connect to user needs. Together, we work to boost your innovation capabilities in a feasible and practical ways.
  • Get aligned with all stakeholders : Innovation management and transformation touches the entire organization. By working with stakeholders across all levels of your company, you’ll improve alignment on how to implement, scale, and measure impact. Together, we’ll identify any organizational changes that result as part of the process.

Bringing A Coherent Plan Together

Getting to a sound innovation strategy framework is an essential first step in creating value for your organization and your customers and users. Activities include crystallizing the value you offer, defining implementation structures, aligning around success measures, and defining a now-next-later growth plan.

  • Mapping End-to-End Competencies: We’ll define the steps that it takes to move your product innovation forward, but continue to identify and track data-driven benchmarks and metrics to ensure your strategy is on target as it is being implemented.
  • Ensuring Business & Mission Alignment: By regularly bringing cross-functional teams together, we help you get thinking about innovation roadmaps, implementation challenges,  and organizational changes along your path.
  • Innovate with Confidence: No more speculation and uncertainty about the path forward. Our work is guided by your customers: by their behavior, emotions, and needs. This connection helps to ensure that your business model innovation system balances user desires, stakeholder interests, and business goals.

Whether you are launching a new product or service or expanding on your existing business model, it’s important to align core business stakeholders around the direction and purpose of your innovation initiatives. With a strong foundation and internal alignment, you will put yourself in the best position for successful innovation advancement and increased value generation for your users.

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