Concept Creation

Craft and validate product concepts alongside a financial business case and go-to-market plan, using lean startup methods.

Whatever digital product you're envisioning, you need to create a validated concept that potential users and buyers will want.

This means envisioning possibilities, prototyping, testing, learning, and iterating to shape a product that customers want to buy and use.

Creating a market-validated product concept is one piece of the puzzle. We'll also work with you to define a go-to-market strategy, a financial model, and a roadmap to build and launched your product.

Concept Co-Creation

New products succeed by nailing a small set of compelling value propositions that solve a real problem for customers in a unique way. This requires focus, distilling your expertise into its most valuable and applicable components.

Concept co-creation locates and defines that specific set of compelling value propositions by inviting target users and buyers to shape the product with us in a collaborative process.

Together we will define:

  • Product concept and elevator pitch
  • Core value propositions and differentiation
  • Main product features

Co-creation provides early validation and increases confidence in the product direction. The resulting concept will enable you to clearly communicate the value of your product, what makes it unique from competitors, and why it's a perfect fit for your customers.

Prototyping & Testing

It’s time to see your product take shape and become tangible. We use a spectrum of lean prototyping methods and varied formats to test value, differentiation, desirability, and propensity to purchase:

  • Paper/Wireframes
  • Clickable/Interactive
  • Mock Sales

At this stage, we are collecting real-world reactions and impressions from users, rapidly shaping the products' features and design with increasingly clarity and confidence.

“Working with Highland is a really powerful experience for a company to be able to gain insights around a product. To have a group of people who know how to have real conversations with customers unlocks new pathways, ones that may be uncomfortable and uncover change, but they empower you to move forward in a way that feels really constructive.”

Chris Whitworth
Vice President

“It is hard to feel that a service provider cares as much about your business as you do. Without question - Highland did. What set them apart for our project was that they absolutely worked to create the deliverable that exceeded our expectations.”

Pam Schilling
Co-Founder and CEO

"Highland challenged us in new ways. They helped us think better & shape the product instead of just doing the design and development that they were hired to do."

Todd Sipe

Business Case Creation

Even the strongest product concept, prototype, or MVP requires a valid business case to proceed. You need a clear picture of anticipated revenue, ongoing investments, and new roles you may need to add to your team over time.

We help you develop a business case built on qualitative mock sale testing and quantitative analysis including:

  • Pricing and packaging
  • Forecasted revenue model
  • Upfront investment and operational expenses

A business case reflects the financial realities--both upside opportunity and investment risk--that inform a realistic financial forecast and guide upfront investment.

Product Vision & Roadmapping

As your product moves closer to reality, you need to define, scope, and price the first version of the product you are launching. There are still hundreds of decisions to come during the design and development process, but setting the vision and initial roadmap at this stage is crucial.

The vision defines the target for a compelling product and provides confidence that development is focused on the highest value features. The roadmap sets shared expectations on how we will get to launch and the milestones and working cadences along the way.

Together we will establish:

  • The MVP vision you're bringing to market
  • How and when it's going to get there
  • What it is expected to cost

This gives you the ability to make final go/no-go decisions on the product venture and know that the MVP investment is well targeted.

Go-to-Market Planning

Far too often products fail before they even have a chance to succeed. Why? Because go-to-market planning and business development activities did not start soon enough. You need to know how you'll find prospects and convert them into customers well before product launch. The goal is to release a product with pilot customers waiting for its release.

We'll work with you to develop and hone a go-to-market plan that is the best fit for your product, and ensure your product is well suited for your go-to-market plan. If you're like most of our clients, you already have a presence in the market through existing services clients and professional networks. This existing reach can be leveraged for pilot customers and early in-market wins, while marketing and business development strategies work to grow your product's reach into the larger target market.

An early go-to-market plan provides:

  • A sharper view on your target customers and how you will reach them
  • An ability to create and execute marketing and business development efforts during MVP development
  • Increased chances of having paying customers during pilot and at product launch
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