In the digital economy, custom software lives at the intersection of business strategy, customer expectations, and market trends. For 25 years, growth-minded companies and organizations looking to seize new opportunities have turned to Highland for custom software development services.

We combine continuous customer feedback, human-centered design, and quality software engineering practices to develop new web applications, mobile applications, and digital products, as well as to revitalize or reimagine existing ones.

Highland team working on a project

Working with a Custom Software Development Company

Our process is collaborative from the start, partnering with clients from ideation through design and development. We focus on creating digital solutions that are impactful and deliver lasting value to stakeholders and users.

Multi-Disciplinary Teams

We work in small, multi-disciplinary teams, uniting full-stack software developers with UI/UX design, UX research, product management, project management, and strategy. The exact composition of each team is based on the nature and needs of the application being created, ensuring we're building the right thing the first time.

Continuous Delivery

We use an agile, iterative process to software development. We'll work together to create a prioritized plan for a successful first release, and then begin building the application in one or two week cycles. By rapidly producing working software, we gain real world feedback and are able to adjust and adapt throughout the design and development process.

Constant Feedback

User and customer feedback is the lifeblood of successful software development. We seek out input and feedback from users and potential users throughout the development process, from early concepts through designs, interactive prototypes, and each stage of working software. Learning early and often helps ensure we build software that users will find intuitive, valuable, and even delightful.

Controlled Investment

There will always be more features that could be built. Software should produce a return on investment, and that means keeping control of your overall investment, and consistently choosing the next most valuable thing to build. We operate with a fixed budget and controlled scope approach. We'll agree on the right overall level of investment for the kind and scale of software you're building, based on our experience building over 300 applications. Then we'll work transparently with you to deliver against a prioritized, adaptable list of features within that fixed investment.

Collaborative & Transparent

We'll be working closely together weekly or even daily to set strategy, confirm designs, set priorities, and review working software. We work in a fully transparent manner, as a single team, with shared communication and collaboration systems.

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