Customer Experience Consulting

Great customer experience is the best competitive advantage.

Leaders in customer experience (CX) grow 14% faster annually than CX laggards. 60% of consumers say they regularly pay more for better customer experience. 

But how do you improve something as complex as the overall customer experience? 

By developing an outside-in perspective, breaking down internal silos, and uncovering challenges and opportunities throughout the customer journey. 

Let us show you how.

The Highland Difference

We take customer-centric organizations to the next level, and the one after that. 

We use ethnographic research to help you truly understand your customer and what they're seeking from your organization, journey maps to gather the complexity of the customer experience into a visual form, and strategic planning to help you change and innovate in ways that create new and loyal customers.

Product & Service Design

Your customers deserve your best.

Your customers are having an experience with your products, services, systems and people whether you've designed it or not.

Want to know where to start? How to set your organization apart? How to bring an idea into reality?

Our "try-test-learn" approaches provide high-speed, low risk ways to craft and refine the digital and physical experiences you want your customers to have.

The Highland Difference

We teach and practice an experimental mindset inspired by Design Thinking and Lean UX.

Our work is both digital and physical. Today's customer moves seamlessly between digital and physical interactions and expects your organization to do the same.

We use design sprints to imagine and clarify innovative ideas, a modified "Jobs to Be Done" framework to bring clarity to user needs and value propositions, and rapid prototyping to test assumptions among customers and stakeholders alike to ensure real impact.

Whether launching a new product or facing a particular challenge, our methods bring clarity, rapid learning, and innovative ways forward -- fast.

Custom Web and Mobile Software

Deliver unique and delightful digital experiences.

From interactive websites to specialized mobile apps to new and disruptive digital products, software defines how your organization communicates and how you operate.

Creating custom software requires drawing together your goals, a deep understanding of your users, great design, and savvy technical expertise.

The Highland Difference

Our secrets to success are simple: 

  • Agile development techniques to deliver working software early and often
  • DevOps and automated testing to ensure high quality, secure code
  • A transparent "one-team" approach

We don't do build to order. We build to the right solution.

Our full stack development team can deliver across a variety of devices and code languages, including rapid low-code development as a preferred partner for OutSystems.

CRM Technology

Unlock the promise of CRM to orchestrate the customer journey.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms are the nerve center of customer experience, connecting your organization to every step of the customer journey.

Does your CRM fail to live up to that promise? Most do. 

CRM strategies and platforms are often reduced to micromanaging sales people, tracking the sales pipeline, or triaging support requests.

It doesn't have to be this way. Join the ranks of customer-experience leaders who have CRM platforms tuned to the needs of their customers, delivering orchestrated, automated online and off-line touchpoints to their customers.

The Highland Difference

Most CRM providers are focused on technology, not customer experience.

We do both.

Our holistic view of the customer journey leads to tailored, bespoke CRM solutions built on SugarCRM, the most flexible CRM platform in the market. Our solutions start with the customer journey in view, not a set of specs for a "same as everyone else" experience.