I am a recent addition to the Highland team, starting a little over a month ago. I moved from Boston to Chicago to join Highland as an OutSystems low-code developer. As a person with a background in theatre, their emphasis on human-centered design resonated with me. The five core values of Highland really drew me to this company. It has not taken long to see each and every value in action.

People First

On my first day at Highland, after some introductions and a tour around the office, I participated in my first weekly all staff meeting. The meeting started with everyone going around in a circle, giving a personal and professional best for the week. I was able to share my own personal best (a trip to Prague I had just returned from) and professional best (having just started a new job at pretty cool-seeming company). This process was simple, and took about half of a 30 minute meeting, but was very powerful to me. I immediately could tell this was a company where people cared about each other. A place where they really do put people first.

 /></p><h2>Be Transparent</h2><p>Our all-staff meeting demonstrated yet another expression of our core values: being transparent. After the check in, we moved to our near-in sales board. Our President discussed the new project he was closing in on with a client, stating explicitly how much the contract was for and how that would be allocated against company resources. I could not help but be amazed. At previous companies, information like this would be under lock and key. At a former company, I once spent days coding a module to separate the customer rate from employee rate simply to make sure no employee ever found out what the customer was being charged! I quickly got used to Highland’s flat structure and our transparency across almost all aspects of the business.</p><p><img src=

UX Strategy Meetup group and I volunteered to grab a few last-minute additions to our supply list. These weren’t just any Post-it notes either. I was looking for large 6” x 8” notes in the “A World of Color: Rio de Janeiro” collection.

Our Customer Experience Practice takes their Post-it game very seriously.

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