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Highland helps ambitious leaders launch digital products and find new markets for growth.

Have an idea for a digital product?

The first few steps in product development are crucial.

Highland's Digital Product Accelerator uses rapid research and design cycles to define, prototype, and test your product concept in only three weeks.

Through the Digital Product Accelerator, we'll work together to:

  • Explore customer needs & context for your product
  • Sharpen & test your value proposition
  • Analyze competitors
  • Build & test an initial prototype
  • Quantify the revenue potential

You'll gain the confidence and resources you need to make smart investments in design & development and raise capital if needed.

Why Highland?

We're much more than a typical software design and development company.

Our world-class designers, engineers, and digital product strategists have a long history of launching successful products from idea to in-market across a variety of industries.

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“Working with Highland is a really powerful experience for a company to be able to gain insights around a product. To have a group of people who know how to have real conversations with customers unlocks new pathways, ones that may be uncomfortable and uncover change, but they empower you to move forward in a way that feels really constructive.”

Chris Whitworth
Vice President

"One of their strengths is their product discovery and design approach, which is critical to us. Many shops will make something beautiful and miss the beat of the market analysis."

Greg Healy
Head of Product
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