Launching a #help Slack Channel

Highlanders faced a common problem that many organizations struggle with: no one knew who to go to for help with work-related issues. Our expertise was siloed into individual team members, and it was hard to know who to turn to for support unless you had a deep organizational knowledge of Highland.


By creating an open, public forum for problem-solving, we could support Highlanders more effectively and efficiently.


Our goal was to create one place where we could solve all problems. (All work-related problems, that is. You’ve still got to figure out what went wrong with your GrubHub order on your own.)

We previously had a help[at] email that would route help requests to a ticketing software. Those requests were then handled by a member of our Operations Team. Even though this system had been in place for years, it wasn’t used regularly. Once new Highlanders were acquainted with who knew what, they would just ask their preferred expert in person or via Slack.

We decided to do away with the unnecessary email barrier and set up a #help Slack channel instead. We decided this would be the singular place to solve any problem Highlanders needed help with — from a spill in the kitchen to changing a PO number in our accounting system to registering a domain name.

When we launched the channel, we posted this message to fill Highlanders in on what was happening:

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