Highland Named Best Custom Software Developer in Chicago

Highland was handpicked as a Top Custom Software Developer in one of the fastest-growing tech hubs in the country based on 10 criteria, including pricing, internal workflow, and experience across PHP, SaaS, and more., a leading independent review website for small business, online tools, products, and services, recently announced the best custom software development firms and development teams in Chicago after conducting a 40-hour assessment. The in-depth criteria were aimed at high-quality service providers with work across agile-aligned custom software development, CRM, mobile app development, UX/UI design, and digital transformation consulting.

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When business owners in Chicago start looking for a company to build custom software for their organization, they’ll find an overwhelming number of firms boasting a wide variety of features and services. To help save them time, we’ve [evaluated] Chicago’s custom software development companies on the most important and measurable aspects.

What distinguishes Highland as a Software Development Company?

Our custom software development services are aimed to innovate and transform clients' business. We research, design, build, and scale digital products and experiences and work with a variety of companies (from startups to enterprise businesses) and industries (from e-commerce to higher education to healthcare companies and hospitals).

What makes us unique is our in-depth qualitative research and insights arm that informs powerful consumer-centric strategies. We bridge gaps between software products and consumers across web development, mobile application development on iOS and Android, product design, and back-end and front-end development work. Whether companies need new software or modernization of a web app or mobile app already in-market, we are prepared to turn ideas into engaging solutions.

Highland is broken out into two dedicated teams, allowing us to serve business needs of all kinds.

  • Highland research, design, and build: We specialize in customer research, strategy, and digital product development and design, creating experiences that promote human flourishing and make the world a better place to live in. Our objective is to build better functionality for end users through user experience research, prototyping, quality assurance testing and more to ensure software applications meet and exceed client expectations.
  • Highland SaaS delivery: We design and optimize our SaaS software partner solutions (Creatio,, SugarCRM) to help businesses reach maximum potential across operational efficiency, team collaboration, and customer relationship management. From business process mapping to ERP applications to off-the-shelf software customization, we implement SaaS solutions crafted for each business and their unique needs.

What sets Highland Solutions apart from competitors is that they’re more interested in what’s important for me. They’re interested in me as a business rather than me as a customer, which makes all the difference.

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