The Essential Guide to Launching a Digital Product for Experts & Expert Firms

Launching a product takes more than technology or design. Successful products result from a disciplined approach including good strategy, sound research, thoughtful design, reliable technology, and a smart go-to-market plan.

We’ve distilled our 25 years of experience into the most important things to know in launching successful digital products. 

This guide is designed to break down the steps and sequences to get from an initial idea all the way into market, and is especially for those who haven’t created a digital product before. Most experts, businesses, and entrepreneurs launch a digital product just once. So let’s make that one count. 

In it, you will learn why it’s important to:

  • Conduct preliminary research to validate the problem and market.
  • Test ideas and concepts early through methods like paper prototypes and mock sales.
  • Develop financial models to assess viability and plan resourcing.
  • Create a go-to-market strategy and identify pilot customers early in the process.
  • Use an iterative, user-focused development process and continue learning after launch.
  • Carefully define metrics you can measure regularly that indicate success.
  • Plan for what happens after launch — products require ongoing refinement, optimization, and support post-release.
  • Follow a structured, iterative approach to help ensure your digital product delivers maximum value to customers and businesses.

Download our guide to set your digital product up for success.

Download “The Essential Guide to Launching a Digital Product for Experts & Expert Firms”

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