Highland Named A Top Laravel Development Company Two Years in a Row

We are proud to announce that Highland has been selected as a Top Laravel Development Company by, a reputed research and review platform of IT service providers that are familiar with many different custom Laravel developers across a wide range of development teams and sectors. From ecommerce to scalable back-end solutions, Highland was voted as one of the best development companies.

As a digital product and innovation consultancy, Highland helps mission-driven companies research, design, and build digital products and experiences that help people flourish. We believe that what we make and how we work should make it a little bit better to be alive: for us, our clients, and their customers.

 /></p><p>This recognition can be attributed to our team of skilled digital product consultants, whose dedication and hard work have enabled us to become one of the most acclaimed Laravel development firms in the industry. Our many years of experience in Laravel web application development and team of programmers, UA/UX designers and SaaS experts help us meet business requirements for all our clients.</p><p>Since our founding over 20 years ago, Highland has had the pleasure of working on back-end, front-end, client and consumer facing enterprise solutions, database, app development and website development with companies from a wide range of sectors. We believe “mission-driven” expands beyond the nonprofit sector. With experience in Laravel development services as our guide, we’re focused on working in the sectors of <a href=

physical and mental health, financial wellbeing, and community engagement.

Highland Team on Zoom

Many Highlanders have nontraditional tech backgrounds and hail from the humanities — we’ve got pastors, philosophers, psychologists, a formally trained architect, a couple of professional musicians, an expert in Animal Reproductive Physiology, and even an opera singer among our ranks.

 /></p><p>The knowledge that we have gained by working with such a varied set of clientele from startups to international corporate has enhanced our skills as digital product consultants and our in-house skillset. And Laravel PHP has proven to be one of the most popular PHP frameworks — the extensive features help developers and development projects in building great applications.</p><p><img src=

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Thought Leadership & Development Solutions from our team

Below are several posts, written by Highlanders, about their experience working with Laravel:

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