7 Things to Look Forward to in a 5G World

While 3G and 4G technologies have made it easier than ever to use apps, stream video, and connect with people across the world, 5G technology promises to bring an unprecedented level of speed, reliability, and connectivity to our digital experiences.

I’ve gathered information from several sources about what we can look forward to when 5G internet becomes the norm across mobile devices in the next few years.

Here are seven reasons to get excited about 5G technology coming later this year:

1. Better binging and sharing

“5G is designed to make virtually everything faster, providing fiber-like speeds to support insatiable demand for unlimited data. You should notice improved download speeds, superior quality video streaming and virtually instant cloud access in flagship 5G devices launching in 2019. And it should be easier than ever to download your favorite binge-worthy series at the airport or deliver massive files to colleagues when you’re on the go.” (5G is coming in 2019, and it’s going to change your life, Mashable)

2. Longer battery life

Energy and efficiency are the next key areas that will be changed by 5G, allowing for devices to consume a staggering 90% less energy in data operations compared to 4G networks. (5G Internet will Change the World through Connectivity, Interesting Engineering)

3. The end of the cloud

“Initially, 5G will make it faster for devices to communicate in real time with centralized cloud-computing networks. Longer term, blazing-fast wireless networks have the potential to eliminate the cloud as a computing platform.” (Supersonic 5G Wireless Could Kill The Cloud, Forbes)

4. New connected business models

5G will increase low latency — the time between data request and its delivery. “Killing latency is a big deal. It opens up new business models far beyond simple media consumption … like autonomous cars and package-delivering drones … smart lampposts and traffic lights … and even remote robotic surgery.” (Supersonic 5G Wireless Could Kill The Cloud, Forbes)

 /></p><h2><strong>5. Breakthroughs across every economic sector</strong></h2><p>“Think about a world in which not just people but all things are connected: <strong>cars to the roads they are on; doctors to the personal medical devices of their patients; augmented reality available to help people shop and learn and explore wherever they are.</strong> This requires a massive increase in the level of connectivity. 5G [will make] billions of new connections [possible,] secure[,] and instantaneous.” (<a href=

How 5G will change the world, World Economic Forum)

6. New inventions and new opportunities

“[A]ccording to the European Patent Office, the number of patent applications related to “smart connected objects” has surged 54%,” — meaning that unknown inventions will arrive after 5G becomes available. (How 5G will change the world, World Economic Forum)

7. The potential for the next industrial revolution

“Data moves so quickly on 5G that Dunne has argued this technological breakthrough will usher in a Fourth Industrial Revolution.

 /></p><p><strong>Where to find a 5G device?</strong></p><p>If you’re as excited about 5G as I am, you’re in luck. 5G products are already in the market, and the availability of 5G connections are set to increase dramatically over the course of this year.</p><p>The world’s first mobile 5G device is from Highland’s hometown of Chicago: the <a href=

Moto Z3 with its attached Moto Mod. You can expect more 5G devices to join Verizon’s 5G network later this year, including Samsung’s Galaxy S10 5G phone. Meanwhile, AT&T is getting ready to launch 5G in 19 cities later this spring.

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