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Understand the changing behaviors of young professionals to create membership offerings & experiences that engage them
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Young professionals aren’t sticking around

The world has changed. Most membership programs are flat or in decline, especially among young professionals.

Young professionals join professional associations less often and engage less deeply. These trends are well-established and consistent across all professions.

Association leaders can be tempted to believe, "When they grow up, they'll realize how important the association is, and do the right thing and join." But all of our research and years of evidence say this isn't going to happen.

We need to reimagine membership to meet the needs, context, and expectations of young professionals.

Why Highland?

We're not content with the status quo. We know what it takes to actually make transformative changes to membership models, member experience, and association technology.

Using our unique blend of behavioral research, human-centered design, and digital development, we've worked with dozens of the largest global and national membership associations to make audacious and impactful change.

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