From CRM implementation and ERP integration, to tried and true strategy consulting, our manufacturing clients know they can turn to Highland Solutions. We drive results within this industry by helping our manufacturing clients keep their data organized, their technology efficient, and their business processes modern and relevant to accommodate an evolving and demanding customer base. With years of deep history working within manufacturing, we bring our experience and  understanding of your market to solve your challenges, and leverage your strengths to differentiate your organization in a rich and often complicated selling environment.

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Alto Shaam



As a HIPAA and SOC2 certified firm, Highland couples our deep experience within the healthcare space with the promise of data security from our suite of product offerings. Our experience in this vast industry ranges from medical device distributor management, to patient intake systems, to healthcare call center solutions. From compliant data housing, to unique CRM and custom application development, you can trust Highland to deliver both a significant level of industry knowledge, and the care to protect your patient and client information. 

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HD Smith


Mercury Consulting

Nystrom & Associates


With over 20 million students currently enrolled in American universities and colleges, the need to manage student data and institutional assets is more critical than ever. Highland understands the value of remaining competitive and efficient within the education sector, and has vast experience delivering ground-breaking consulting and game-changing technology to education institutions to manage their successful operation. From mapping a student's journey to maximize retention, to providing a streamlined application process, partnering with Highland will help your institution drive results and improve efficiency for both the student body, as well as your team of staff and educators.

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Ignitor Labs

UW Milwaukee

Pass Program

Insurance & Financial Services

Our history working in the insurance and financial industry is rich and expands broadly to encompass businesses from lending and investments, to healthcare exchange management. With former financial service providers and insurance subject matter experts in house, Highland is able to provide not just technical and strategic advice, but significant understanding, insight, and informed advice around your competitive industry. 

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Wolters-Althoff Investments

Hilco Global

Staffing & Event Planning

Highland understands deep logistical concerns. This understanding allows us to transform complex business rules into powerful systems for connecting personnel with the timing, materials, and environments they are asked to create, as well as coordinate for others. From registration to booking, travel to shipping, asset tracking and resource mapping, we have built rich tools for better communicating, planning, and staffing events, as well as real time reporting within them.

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Program Productions


Regardless of the market or vertical, Highland knows how to both draw from the diverse experience of our team members, as well as rapidly learn and incorporate the expertise our clients bring. We further research, prototype, and test possible solutions to set in place a scope for building success, no matter the product or service at hand. We look forward to creating something exceptional with you.

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First Communications


PR Daily


Refugee One

What our clients have to say about working with Highland:

Highland has been great in clarifying for me what a true partnership looks like.
All of our senior executives see the value in the work Highland has done, and it’s got a lot of great press internally.
Highland has a great understanding, not only of the SugarCRM platform and what it could and couldn’t do, but almost more importantly, an understanding of our business and how that technical functionality would interact with our business.
Incredibly helpful as a partner and is willing to align with our business goals across our five companies.

Case Studies

Learn how Highland Solutions has helped clients choose and implement technology solutions that have a positive impact on their business.

Truck Parts Supplier Aims to Increase Sales Visibility and Accountability

Our client is a worldwide independent supplier of replacement truck parts. Their resourceful culture has led to new growth opportunities, but it has also led to a low level of process and high dependence on individual skills. To accommodate future growth, our client required a higher level of process, collaboration and accountability throughout the business, and particularly in the sales organization.

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Treatment Facility Lacks Automated Patient Intake and Tracking System

Our client, an evidence-based addiction treatment facility, offers residential and outpatient services related to the treatment of substance abuse, addiction and mental health disorders. Their intake process and referral program had been managed on individual spreadsheets, which made data inaccessible across the organization. Foremost, a new automation solution had to meet the client's HIPAA standards to protect private health information.

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Manufacturer Tackles Product Catalog and Order Fulfillment Challenges

Our client, a division of a Fortune 500 company, manufactures white label office supplies. Their lucrative B-to-B orders, mostly placed by small stores, thinned as big-box stores dominated the market. The client was also unprepared to handle the large amount of B-to-C orders requested, rendering them unable to capitalize on the additional revenue stream.

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