Experiences That Matter: Episode 2. Designing for Justice (with Tania Anaissie)

Experiences That Matter is a podcast from Highland that focuses on extraordinary people and their efforts to intentionally design experiences that contribute to human flourishing and make the world a better place. It is available wherever you find podcasts.

“We believe that racism and inequity have been designed and thus can be redesigned.”

Our guest this week is Tania Anaissie, a founding creator of Liberatory Design which is a new practice of human-centered design driving innovation for equity. As the Founder and CEO of Beytna Design, she works with social sector leaders to bring their visions to life. In our episode today we talk to Tania about becoming a design activist, the nuances of interviewing marginalized communities, and our mutual love of Post-Its.

Listen now: Designing for Justice (with Tania Anaissie)

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