A 2-Minute Primer on Jobs to be Done

We’ve written a lot about Jobs to be Done (JTBD).

The JTBD framework is a fundamental part of our CX and design practices, and it shapes our approach to researching, designing and building products and services that fit the needs people have.

Here’s a quick summary of what JTBD is about:

Jobs to be Done is a framework for understanding the progress people are trying to make in their lives, and the inhibitors and motivators of making that progress.

In its greatest form, JTBD is about understanding the higher self people would like to become.

They might want to become a more effective teacher in a diverse classroom. Or a more informed parent who can respond in the best way to their child’s illness. Or a better volunteer for a nonprofit they care about.

JTBD are the expressions of the functional, emotional, and social jobs that people “hire” an organization to help them with on their path to becoming their higher selves. For example:

Help me acquire new teaching skills so I can differentiate students by learning style in a busy classroom.

Free me from self-doubt and healthcare confusion so that I can seek professional psychological help.

Give me resources so that I can connect with fellow volunteers and learn how to better serve my community.

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