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Why innovate in healthcare?

The healthcare industry faces ever-evolving challenges. Market disruptions, consumerism, technology transformation, and growing importance of digital health are shifting patient expectations and driving a need to reimagine the healthcare experience.

According to a recent CB Insights report, digital health startups raised more than $13.2B in 2023, while digital health M&A nearly doubled as consolidation increases. Majority of the funding focused on care delivery and patient navigation technology—with monitoring, imaging, and diagnostics next up.

Traditional healthcare approaches must transform into more valuable patient experiences that promise patient engagement and loyalty—and ultimately, better health care outcomes.

Data Interoperability Across Digital Health Platforms

Seamless patient experiences through digital health platforms integrate healthcare services, including telemedicine, remote monitoring, patient portals, and health coaching—but ensuring interoperability remains a challenge.

Predictive Analytics and Precision Medicine

AI-powered predictive analytics algorithms are being used to enable more personalized and precise approaches—but simply having or sharing information is not enough. Connecting to and working with human motivations, behavioral biases, and day-to-day decision making is key.

Remote Monitoring, Telehealth, and IoT Devices

Growing adoption of telehealth platforms, remote patient monitoring technologies including Internet of Things devices, and wearable sensors allows preventative as well as proactive management of conditions. However, user engagement is crucial in shifting in patient outcomes.

Personalized Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

Healthcare chatbots and virtual assistants powered by natural language processing and conversational AI are being deployed to provide personalized health information, answer medical queries, schedule appointments, and assist with medication management.

Why Highland?

With over 25 years of experience across the healthcare sector, we know what it takes to get new digital products and new ventures to market, as well as to help established providers and payers transform themselves with more patient-centric and member-centric innovations.

We’ve worked with:

  • Healthcare providers from large medical systems to specialized providers,
  • Some of the largest health insurers in the country,
  • Health-tech startups looking to scale and get to IPO, and
  • Non-profits focused on wellness, community connection, addiction and more.

We know how challenging the healthcare landscape is, how difficult it is for providers and payers to change how they operate, and how important it is to continue to create positive change.

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