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What is Digital Product Design and Development?

At a time when business strategy is increasingly driven by shifts in customer expectations, emerging trends, and impending disruptions in the marketplace, organizations can thrive by transforming their digital product vision to align with user needs.

From custom software applications, to mobile apps, websites, and other user interface(UI) and user experience(UX) needs, it’s about being committed to validation, iteration, and innovation throughout the product development process.

At Highland, we partner closely with you from brainstorming and ideation through design concepts and the development process to create digital product solutions that make an impact, are viable in the marketplace, and deliver long-term value to your organization stakeholders and users.

Why Is Digital Product Design and Development Valuable?

To strengthen your market position and launch successful products, you need competitive differentiation, a strong visual design, enhanced customer experiences, and digital touch points at the moments where your target audience expects you to have a presence.

At Highland, we construct an effective digital product strategy and roadmaps to innovation. From generating meaningful ideation to validating product-market fit to designing and building high-quality software products — we help create tangible impact in your business through human-centered research, design, and build.

Innovative Digital Product Strategy

Our integrated approach spanning early stage research through digital product delivery ensures that your user needs & business goals align to launch a human-centered, authentic, and trusted digital products. We spark innovation by uncovering new user segments, markets, and growth opportunities that translate into a meaningful digital product strategy for your organization.

  • Co-create and evaluate with users to ensure your new product idea will power your business forward
  • Create a strategic vision and product roadmap rooted in customer needs to build a foundation for digital transformation
  • Integrate your new product with a cohesive go-to-market strategy that helps acquire, engage, and retain customers
  • Amplify impact of existing internal data, metrics, and research through purposeful integration into new workflows
  • Maximize your digital investments and speed to market with an iterative, trusted model for delivery
  • Establish a well-defined pricing and business model, branding, and value proposition messaging strategy

User-Centric Design Thinking

By developing detailed user segments, we are able to pinpoint precise needs and craft a realistic user journey. This tells us what is needed in the design process to create product designs and new features that strengthen user experience, trust, engagement, and loyalty.

  • Build in a UX design strategy that aligns with every customer touchpoint
  • Leverage design thinking to deliver maximum value to your customers and your business
  • Use generative, co-creation methodology to dive deep into customer habits, desires, needs, and goals
  • Make prototypes to test hypotheses, conduct usability testing, collect user feedback, and improve interface design and experience
  • Capture users’ attention with beautiful UI design and critical functionality in an MVP

Quality Digital Product Development

Whether you need a new application developed, or an existing one re-engineered, we design holistic technical solutions that meet current and future objectives, delivering a scalable architecture that adapts to your growing business.  Our digital design and development teams use a rigorous quality assurance approach combined with human testing to make sure your digital product is in perfect shape for launching to end users.

  • Determine technology mapping, architecture definition, and process setup
  • Ensure experience design and technical requirements go hand-in-hand
  • Craft with market-leading front-end and back-end product engineering
  • Review current technology to assess for product management optimization or modernization
  • Use custom API and system integrations to connect across your entire tech ecosystem
  • Conduct user testing to confirm the smoothest end-to-end digital experience for all types of users

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