Amy Carrera

Lead Product Manager


Amy joined Highland in 2022 as a Senior Product Manager. She is currently dedicated to creating innovative Digital Products, driving her projects forward with genuine curiosity and determination. With a B.S. from Illinois Institute of Technology, Amy is deeply familiar with and enjoys collaborating with designers and engineers alike. Prior to joining Highland, she spent her early career focused on FinTech and exploring Cloud Infrastructure before branching out into consulting where she worked with clients in the AgriScience, Healthcare, Refinancing, and Automotive industries focused on Digital Modernization and developing mobile and web products.

Outside of work, Amy is a drummer who enjoys receiving new music recommendations. A large part of her personal values include increasing Social Equity and addressing systemic inequalities. Whether on stage with fellow musicians or at work, Amy is passionate about creating a strong sense of community in the spaces she is in. She is committed to learning something from everyone she meets. 💡

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Amy Carrera
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