• Sep

    Movie Making and Business Technology: More Alike Than You Think

    Recently, I was watching an interview with filmmaker George Lucas where he was describing the intersection of art and technology, especially as it related to the making of the Star Wars movies. In the interview, Lucas stated, “You don’t invent technology and then figure out what to do with it. You come up with an artistic problem and then you have to invent the technology in order to accomplish it. It’s the opposite of what most people think it is.” His comments struck close to home for me as this is the same methodology we use to create business solutions for our clients and serves as a...

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  • May

    Trading the Project for the Program

    It is tempting to focus on the things we can control instead of on the things that matter. I see this pattern all over my life– At home when I’d rather knock out that weekend project than play make believe with my little ones. And at the office, when working with a client on a technology project that will significantly change their business. We set out on technology projects because we are after something that matters to our business: better reach, increased revenue, insight, efficiency or an enhanced customer experience. The project itself seems relatively easy to control. We can see the...

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  • Feb

    How To Bridge Your CRM To Marketing Automation With Highland Solutions

    Are you interested in streamlining your customer operations? Through marketing automation software, Chicago business owners can bridge the gap between their customer relationship and marketing. Highland Solutions offers comprehensive customer relationship management (CRM) technology that can be bridged directly to their marketing automation platform, providing an all-in-one and versatile solution. Connecting Your Activities through Centralized Dashboards Your marketing automation and customer relationship management strategies must work toward similar goals if they are to be effective....

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  • Dec

    CRM Technology For Healthcare Companies

    As one of the most highly regulated industries in the world, healthcare providers must always be aware of the need for compliance, in day-to-day activities and in the business systems that support them. When it comes to CRM solutions for healthcare, Chicago turns to Highland Solutions. We are the premier CRM solutions company that Chicago healthcare companies rely on when they need new technology to help streamline their business processes, increase patient satisfaction and help ensure regulatory compliance. Our unique “People first, technology second” approach to CRM solutions means our...

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  • Nov

    Event Coordinators - Would you like your job to be easier?

    We know how difficult your job is.  For an event to succeed, a litany of moving parts must come together at exactly the right times.  Proper promotion, clearly presented event details, and post-event follow up are each essential and codependent for an event to truly be a success. Highland Solutions is here to help. Whether you’re a SugarCRM customer who currently uses Eventbrite, or are still in the market for an event management platform, Highland Solutions has developed a product that will save you from the woes of double entry by simply connecting the two platforms with one, easy-to-...

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