Our client is a worldwide independent supplier of replacement truck parts. Their resourceful culture has led to new growth opportunities, but it has also led to a low level of process and high dependence on individual skills. To accommodate future growth, our client required a higher level of process, collaboration and accountability throughout the business, and particularly in the sales organization.


  • The client was in the process of implementing another CRM, but found it lacked the custom functionality they were seeking.
  • Their legacy system could not accommodate growing accessibility needs (ex. mobile and tiered access).
  • Poor account accessibility in the sales organization led to high dependency on individual skills and decreased collaboration.
  • Lack of integration between systems created data silos and duplicate data.
  • Lack of call automation led to higher task completion times and increased inefficiencies.


  • We deployed Sugar and brought all business critical data into one integrated solution.
  • Deep integration with the client’s iSeries system allowed staff to access product catalog and customer information through the CRM.
  • We created processes and queries to push and pull data back and forth between MySQL tables and Sugar.
  • Integration between the client’s Mitel phone system and Sugar was facilitated by the deployment of the Promptar screen-pop computer telephony integration.
  • Deployment of the solution on the Highland Private Cloud ensured data security and aided in faster development times.


  • The client’s ability to hire effective inside and field reps was improved by reducing the time required to onboard and evaluate performance.
  • Dependency on individuals to service customers decreased over time.
  • Increased sales visibility prompted more team activity, improved effectiveness and allowed for greater accountability.
  • Management was better able to gauge individual progress, as well as measure individual and team quotas.

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