Materion Corporation is an advanced materials supplier founded in 1931 in Cleveland, Ohio. Materion employs over 2,500 employees across three business segments with operating service centers, and major office locations in North America, Europe, and Asia.  They serve customers in more than fifty countries, and generate over $1B annual revenue. Materion services the consumer electronics, industrial, medical, and automotive electronics, defense/aerospace, and energy markets. Materion’s mission is to create materials that enable technologies to provide a safer, more sustainable future. Through business acquisition, Materion has expanded its service offerings and client base, leading them to seek out an integrated technology solution to connect various disparate systems, chiefly SAP.


The biggest challenge Materion faced was to bring together their acquired businesses and global locations under one CRM system. Legacy systems did not allow all users to access data across business units and caused challenges for the sales and customer service teams, as well as their ever increasing mobile demands. Challenge objectives included:

  • Chief data system SAP provided technical and accessibility challenges   across departments and business units.
  • SAP data system did not provide mobile access for field sales teams.
  • Legacy system Lotus Notes did not house accessible data across business units.
  • Conflicting, disconnected processes caused confusion across departments and business units.
  • Business acquisition caused process misalignment.


Highland Solutions leveraged the SugarCRM platform to build a customized, user-friendly application, providing cross-departmental visibility, as well as process alignment across business units.  SugarCRM’s SAP integration provided a single source of truth for all data points, with real-time updating and mobile accessibility. The solution:

  • Integrate SAP with SugarCRM.
  • Empower field sales with SugarCRM mobile functionality.
  • Eliminate Lotus Notes with SugarCRM.
  • Combine ease-of-use call reports with the power of SugarCRM’s platform.
  • Streamline processes and align cultural value across business units through consultation and platform consolidation.


  • Reduced time to log a  call report from 60 to 20 minutes.
  • Recovered over 6,000 hours per year of sales representatives' time spent on administrative tasks.
  • Access to new analytics regarding sales activities and outcomes that were previously impossible.
  • Increased international adoption of SugarCRM from 50% to 100%.
  • First central opportunity pipeline in company history.
  • Tracking 100% of all leads, enabling measurement of marketing initiatives and outcomes for the first time.
  • Brand alignment.


SugarCRM has enabled a truly strategic shift in Materion's sales and operations.  For the first time, the organization has unlocked key sales data trapped in various backend systems, including SAP, and made it easily available within a truly customer-centric modern CRM. In addition, the mobile tools allow the sales team to engage their customer base in a more proactive and efficient way with key data right at their fingertips.  The CRM represents one of the first centralized systems across all business units, enabling Materion to engage the market as a unified company, rather than a collection of independent units selling into similar markets.  

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