Creative Group is a is a leading meeting, incentive, and recognition company. As part of its full-service meeting and incentive travel offering it handles attendee management and registration along with air and ground transportation for over 500 program on an annual basis throughout the world. 

The Challenge

Event attendees for Creative Group's client events use a client-branded website to register. Existing tools in the industry had several limitations. First, they were not flexible enough for Creative Group's tailored approach, forcing a standard process that caused all client sites to look and behave similarly. Second, the registration websites looked dated and unattractive, especially on mobile devices.

Creative Group needed a tool to create and manage highly variable registration websites that delivered fantastic looking client-branded experiences. The requirements of the application were complex:

  • Flight selections integrated with third party airline booking tool
  • Hotel reservations including roommate scenarios
  • The ability for select attendees to bring one or multiple guests
  • Support for custom fields, variable process steps, and different visuals between client websites and between different attendees within the same client website
  • Activity scheduling with event capacities and time conflicts
  • Cost calculation and payment using a payment gateway
  • Security for credit card and personal information
  • Customer Service Agent support for post-registration changes and overrides
  • Communication tools for itineraries and notifications

To make matters more challenging, Creative Group was 10 months away from delivering a 15,000 attendee event on this proposed application.

The Process

Highland and Creative Group formed a joint agile team, with Highland providing product strategy, design, development, and testing. Creative Group subject matter experts crafted feature requirements and user stories with Highland's product strategist, and performed continuous user acceptance testing as each story was completed and pushed to a QA environment. The team used minimum viable product (MVP) thinking to constrain the feature set to only what was needed for the initial, aggressive release.

In order to provide flexibility and excellent UI, the team chose a loosely coupled architecture, with a back-end administrative application that communicated with a modern JavaScript single-page application used by event attendees.

With 3 months left in the build timeline, client-specific requirements for the upcoming event began to be included in the application. 

The Outcome

CreativeEdge successfully supported the 15,000 attendee event at launch, and now provides all of Creative Group's clients with beautiful, flexible registration websites that support Creative Group's high-touch, bespoke approach. Creative Group and Highland continue to expand and improve the platform together several years after launch.

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