When I use the term trusted partner, that’s really the feeling between our company and Highland. And that differentiated Highland against some other companies I’ve worked with. From our perspective, we really felt like Highland tried to become our organization. The people on their team were pretty passionate from the very beginning.

Highland’s heavy focus on change management was key. When Highland walked in, what we were trying to accomplish wasn’t presented as a technology project. The folks that were in the room leading our business through these discussions were really focused on business process. We weren’t really focused on the technology implementation until after we laid this critical foundation, and that was a key piece of the success we’ve seen.

All of our senior executives see the value in the work Highland has done, and it’s got a lot of great press internally. The reports our executive team is running, the data visibility they have, and the business process they were able to enforce through this tool set has been stellar.

We knew we needed a CRM system in-house to consolidate our communication efforts both internally and with clients and prospects. We narrowed it down to SugarCRM and Salesforce. From a partnership standpoint, I had a wonderful time working with Highland to get the proposal together and really vet out the SugarCRM platform and if it was right for us. The Salesforce partner just wasn’t very involved in this process, or accommodating of what we were looking for.

Your solutions architect was one of the most brilliant people I have ever sat in a meeting with. He understood the technical and data picture very quickly, and was able to ask only a few questions to get to a lot of answers that were necessary for the project.

Highland has been great in clarifying for me what a true partnership looks like, and where Highland can come alongside us and help strengthen the CRM within our five companies.

What I don’t get from Highland- which has been really helpful- is a sales pitch. Highland has been incredibly helpful as a partner and is willing to align with our business goals across our five companies.

I like the community at HIghland. From the client appreciation conference to just calling in for support, no matter who I talk to or am transferred to, Highland is very consistent. This has helped us trust Highland as we look to take our partnership to the next level with consulting, and even further.

The greatest 'AHA!' moment was realizing what different personas' needs are. Everyone came into this consulting exercise thinking ‘everybody needs everything’, which stood to be an expensive, and almost impossible project. This consulting exercise left everyone changing their thinking to go from ‘everyone needs everything’ to ‘the business needs some things.’

Highland has a great understanding, not only of the SugarCRM platform and what it could and couldn’t do, but almost more importantly, an understanding of our business and how that technical functionality would interact with our business.

There was very little discussion up front on the technology. It was all about learning our company’s terminology, business process, what was driving the whole project in the first place, and what the business was trying to accomplish before assigning a technology solution to it. We relied on Highland to translate those needs for us, which is what they did later in the project, and I think that is definitely the right way to do it. It was obviously successful.