Customer relationship management (CRM) is emerging as the top essential tool in the healthcare industry. CRM improves patient satisfaction, helps control costs and provides valuable insight into your patient community.

These are the top 4 benefits our healthcare clients have seen when implementing CRM:

1. Improved Efficiency

The Problem: Double data entry, data entry errors, missed or neglected tasks and activities, speed, filing errors, expired/inaccurate data in files.

The Solution: Automating the intake process with CRM reduces errors and ensure a faster, more accurate history. CRM provides automated workflow reminders that prompt your team to follow up on tasks or activities so they don’t fall through the cracks. Digitizing your patient records can reduce or eliminate your need for filing, and makes updating, changing, or removing data fast and easy.

The Result: You will be a leaner, greener, more profitable organization, with business processes that flow rapidly and reduce the amount of paper your organization uses, as well as the amount of manpower. Your team will be effective when they are freed from mundane, manual tasks.

2. Enhanced Patient Experience

The Problem: Dissatisfied/upset patients, long intake wait times, poor patient communication, patient turnover.

The Solution: Automating the intake process speeds up wait times, and gives your patients an experience that is consistent, predictable, and positive. CRM provides the option to deploy patient satisfaction surveys, and the resulting insight can help you learn where to further improve your processes. It also allows you to send information about upcoming appointments, new treatment options, or the results of breaking research, making patients feel cared for and connected.

The Result: Your patients will feel engaged, informed, and respected, improving patient loyalty and spiking referrals. Your staff will be happier when they experience positive interaction with your patients, improving company morale and patient appreciation.

3. In-Depth Insight

The Problem: Uninformed marketing, lack of patient community/groups, undefined outbound communication programs.

The Solution: CRM provides insight into patient demographics. Knowing details about your patients as a group can help you to target your marketing and services more effectively. You will be able to communicate with a targeted group of patients, send educational information, create support groups for common conditions, announce newly approved medications and procedures, or even send daily reminders to take prescription medications.

The Result: Your patients will feel supported. Your team will be able to market and communicate more specifically, effectively, and frequently. Your organization will be able to define, target, and market to your ideal patient demographic.

4. Stronger Compliance

The Problem: Unprotected medical records, risky data storage procedures, patient-restricted medical record access, unclear record removal processes.

The Solution: CRM digitally stores, protects, and removes HIPAA compliant data from your system in a safe, lawful way. Creating CRM workflows ensures your staff will follow all compliance measures when handling, changing, dispersing, or removing sensitive patient information from your system.

The Result: With the risk being absorbed by CRM, you will be able to focus more on the growth, success and vision of your organization. Your team will feel comfortable and protected knowing the automated processes are protecting them from error. Your patients will feel safe knowing their records are being handled professionally and privately.

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