Posted on September 2, 2016

Recently, I was watching an interview with filmmaker George Lucas where he was describing the intersection of art and technology, especially as it related to the making of the Star Wars movies. In the interview, Lucas stated, “You don’t invent technology and then figure out what to do with it. You come up with an artistic problem and then you have to invent the technology in order to accomplish it. It’s the opposite of what most people think it is.”

His comments struck close to home for me as this is the same methodology we use to create business solutions for our clients and serves as a great reminder of how we should be thinking of technology in our daily business lives. So, here are a few things to think about as you start your journey of improved business outcomes supported by worthwhile technology:

  • Start by clarifying the vision of the business outcome you want, then identify and prioritize the individual problems to be solved
  • Understand who in your organization will be critical to achieving this outcome and who will be impacted by it
  • Understand the investments to be made to solve these problems and the ROI of your investment (this is crucial to gaining internal approval for your project)
  • Select and implement the technology solution that solves your problems and enables your vision

Lucas also provided an observation that most overlook. In the interview, he stated that the technology available to him for the first three installments of the Star Wars franchise was very different than what he used for the last three movies. He realized he needed to continue to innovate the technology to bring his artistic vision to life in a more impactful and emotional way for the viewer. He also mentioned that he needed to innovate because other film-makers were catching on to how technology made their movies better. The same is true for business technology. Continuous innovation is a part of your business journey and needs to be embraced in order to keep your business vision thriving and to remain competitive in the markets you serve.

So, while you are probably not thinking about making the next blockbuster movie, Lucas’ words are worth keeping in mind as you build a more successful business. May “The Force” be with you!

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Jeff Nixon
President and COO

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