Highland Software Powers B2B E-Commerce Minneapolis and B2B E-Commerce Chicago Solutions



With $12 trillion predicted in worldwide B2B e-commerce sales by 2020, according to Frost & Sullivan, the B2B e-commerce Minneapolis and B2B e-commerce Chicago marketplaces have never been more competitive. Customer-facing, front-end B2B e-commerce is predicted to top $559 billion by 2020, and that figure does not even include EDI transactions. Businesses using open-source e-commerce need fast, efficient, streamlined solutions to capitalize on this rapid digital marketplace growth.

Yet many B2Bs still rely on outdated, clunky software that makes for a slow and difficult online shopping and checkout process. The result? Would-be customers get frustrated with a slow checkout process or the inability to quickly find pertinent product details and head straight to your competitor, costing you valuable sales.

We Help Your Business Get Ahead.

Get ahead, don’t fall behind. Highland Solutions does B2B e-commerce better. Our open-source e-commerce solutions deliver fast, flexible, responsive results for streamlined search, decreased customer service demands, and more sales.

Faster, More Efficient Search

On average, B2B researchers do 12 searches prior to engaging on a specific brand’s site. More than half of the buying process (57 percent) is done prior to engaging with sales. Seventy-six percent of B2B buyers say that an e-commerce site’s search capabilities is one of the most important website features. Nearly half (48 percent) of B2B sellers say that offering enhanced search is a top technology priority, but many are not sure how to upgrade their site’s existing search capabilities. We can help. Highland Solution’s understanding and ability to translate business challenges into e-commerce solutions is done through efficient on-site searches so clients can quickly find the information they need to make immediate buying decisions.

Decrease Customer Service Demands

At Highland Solutions, we build comprehensive, user-friendly e-commerce sites. Our collaborative solutions begin with a full analysis of your business’s existing e-commerce approach, and long-term goals and strategies for maximizing lead generation and lead nurturing. Our responsive site design makes it easy for buyers to research products, compare pricing details, check inventory, read reviews, purchase goods and immediately provide feedback.

Easy access to all pertinent product information and the ability to quickly place orders through your online storefront boosts sales, decreases unnecessary customer service requests, and saves you money. You and your buyers will be able to access our system via smartphone, tablet or desktop — so business can be conducted in a secure, online environment virtually anywhere.

Go Beyond the Shopping Cart

Your virtual storefront is a critical part of your brand. Does your current e-commerce platform reflect your business’s sophisticated, streamlined solutions, or is it slow, complicated and clunky? At Highland Solutions, we go far beyond the typical cookie-cutter shopping cart system. Our enterprise e-commerce solutions integrate with existing back-end systems, including enterprise resource planning (ERP), order management systems (OMS), marketing automation, and account management.

Fast, Flexible and Responsive E-Commerce Solutions

Unlike other companies that offer only a single e-commerce option, our solutions build off the very best open-source e-commerce platforms currently available. We identify solutions for our e-commerce clients that match their unique business needs. We then create a streamlined, customized e-commerce platform that is fast, flexible and responsive. Whether you need a complete overhaul to an existing e-commerce platform or a brand-new platform built from scratch, we get the job done right the first time.

How can our e-commerce platform solutions transform your business? Contact us for your e-commerce platform Chicago- and Minneapolis-area solutions today.